Kids can make crafts inspired by The Very Hungry Catepillar by illustrating their favorite foods. Using combs, crumpled paper bags, and plastic forks, they'll create pictures just like Eric Carle!

What you'll need:
Acrylic paints
Watercolor paper, or other sturdy paper
Colored cardstock or construction paper
Texture-making tools (cotton swabs, plastic utensils, combs, corrugated cardboard, crumpled paper, rolled cardstock, sponges, etc)


Day 1
Create textures on paper! Paint a thick layer of paint on a piece of paper. Then, scrape away some of the paint with any of your texture-making tools. Allow to dry.

Day 2
Now, illustrate your favorite foods! Cut out shapes from the textured paper. Next, glue the cut out shapes to colored constuction paper to make pictures of all different foods—from cheeseburgers to watermelon!

Pro Tip: Students can create large pieces of textured paper on day 1, and pool them together on day 2. This will give your class a bigger variety of colors and textures to choose from when creating their favorite foods!


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