All of a Piece

What better way to show class unity than through a start-of-year project that has everyone cooperating to construct and assemble a giant floor puzzle? Plus, each child puts his or her own mark on it. All you need are some simple supplies and a little inspiration!

What You'll Need:

40 x 60” Foam Board (3/16”)
Puzzle template
Makers or paint
X-Acto blade
Letter to trace (or stencils)
Assorted craft supplies (pompoms, buttons, sequins, and more!)
Adhesive-backed Velcro

What to Do:

1 Download our puzzle template and project it using an overhead projector onto your foam board. Trace the puzzle outline with pencil. Then, trace the outline again with a thick marker or paint to make it stand out.

2 Lay your foam board on the floor with a cutting mat or cardboard surface underneath to protect your floors. Cut out the puzzle pieces using an X-Acto knife.

3 Now that you've created your puzzle pieces, give each student his or her own piece to decorate. First, have them trace the letters of their names using letter shapes or stencils. Then, invite kids to fill in the letter with marker in the color, style, and/or pattern of their choosing.

4 Encourage kids to decorate puzzle pieces in a way that reflects each student's individual personality using various craft supplies, markers, and glue.

5 To complete your class puzzle, attach a strip of Velcro to the back of each piece, and then to the wall. Work together to put the pieces together and create a cool class decoration.

Bonus: Try using your puzzle as an attendance tool! When the students enter the room every morning, have them put their piece up to complete the puzzle.

Image: Adam Chinitz