Butterfly Booklet

Science meets art in this colorful project that vividly depicts the life cycle of a butterfly. After reviewing the four stages of development, give children construction paper, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and more, and watch them create their beautiful butterfly booklets.

Things You'll Need:

Black marker
Bottle caps 
Brown string
Green ribbon
Old magazine
Mini googly eyes

Pipe cleaner, any color
Burlap or paper bag
Mini white pom-poms
Dot stickers (for cover page)
Red, green, and yellow acrylic paint
Green felt sheet and five additional colored sheets
Yellow, brown, and light blue construction paper

What To Do:

1 Fold a standard felt sheet in half and cut across. Repeat to four more sheets to create the pages.

2 Cut four circles out of light blue construction paper and label them 1 to 4 with black marker. Then cut four rectangles out of blue paper and label each with one of the following categories: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and adult.

3 Glue the number 1 and the word egg to one sheet of felt. Then, cut three leaves and a stem from green felt and glue them to the page. Cluster mini white pom-poms on the middle leaf and glue securely (these are your eggs).

4 Glue the number 2 and the word caterpillar to another sheet. Paint the bottle caps red, green, and yellow and allow to dry. When ready, glue the bottle caps on to the page to form a caterpillar. Add mini googly eyes to the first cap to create a head.

5 On a third sheet, glue the number 3 and the word chrysalis. To create a chrysalis, crumple a small piece of burlap or brown paper bag into a cocoon shape. Glue brown string over the cocoon to add texture and set aside. Cut a branch from brown construction paper and secure to the page, then add the chrysalis to the branch.

4 Label the fourth sheet with the number 4 and the word adult. Cut up magazine scraps into tiny irregular pieces and set aside. Cut butterfly wings from yellow construction paper and then glue the magazine scraps to the wings in the design of your choosing. When the wings are complete, attach them to the page. Add a "body" between the wings and top the body with pipe cleaners shaped as antennae.

5 Create a cover for your booklet. Create a square out of construction paper that is smaller than the final felt sheet. Write "Butterfly Lifecycle" and attach the sheet to the felt cover with dot stickers. Students can also decorate the corners with stickers.

6 To complete your booklet, cut a small hole in the top left corner of each page. Loop and tie green ribbon through the hole—and your booklet is complete!

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Photo: Adam Chinitz
Crafts: Sarah Pottieger