Copper Video Booktalk

A new view of the adventures of a boy and his dog and their discoveries about the strange yet wonderful world they live in. 

You see them everywhere together, a boy and his dog, Copper and Fred, who live in a strange and unusual world, with all kinds of things to explore and discover.  There are mysterious old ruins, jungles full of curious creatures, like the wild monkey who has his eye on a free lunch.  There are mushrooms that grow hundreds of feet high, just begging for Copper and Fred to use them as a shortcut over a deep canyon.   But what if jumping from one cap to another is so much fun, that one of them forgets to be careful, and falls between the mushroom caps? 

They discover treasure under the sea, build an airplane, and eat Aunt Koko's famous melon bread that's made with love, so it tastes as good as it looks.  Racing a giant shrimp, surfing the perfect wave, dancing with robots, or just spending a quiet afternoon fishing, are all things that help Copper and Fred realize that even though their world has some pretty strange and ususual things in it, it also has some pretty wonderful, fun, and exciting ones as well. 

Go along with Copper and Fred as they explore their world together, and discover that strange and wonderful things really do belong together.

This booktalk is written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, author, consultant, librarian, and internationally known booktalker.