Keep the process moving! Suggest the following ideas to parents so that they can help their children continue to build skills in cooperation at home.

Involve their children at home with household chores, such as setting the table for meals, just as children do for snack time at school. Sorting laundry together is also a good at-home activity. Children learn to sort objects according to color and function as they work. Emphasize that being part of a clean-up squad can enhance children's self-esteem when they see that they can be helpful and do a good job!

Tell a story to their children and then act out the parts together. "The Three Little Pigs" is a good story to start with.

Play an audiotape and dance together to the music.

Put on a puppet show, such as "Little Red Riding Hood," using finger or sock puppets. They can use old white socks and magic markers to paint features on the puppets' faces. The audience can be another sibling or an array of stuffed toys.

Make a fruit salad together, choosing different fruits to slice with a plastic knife. They can enjoy the fruit salad as part of their dinnertime meal.

Draw a picture with their children-each "artist" gets a turn to add to the drawing. (It can be quite goofy when they finish!)