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Community Club Books and Resources

Children's books, professional books, and websites for teaching about communities


PreK–K, 1–2

From Unit Plan: Community Club 


Some of the following books are available at The Teacher Store:

All About Things People Do by Melanie and Chris Rice
Grades K-2
A lively, colorful introduction to the world of jobs, filled with full-color illustrations and easy-to-understand information

I'm Going to Be a Vet by Edith Kunhardt
Grades K-2
Readers spend a busy day with Nicole and her dad at work as a vet as he cares for dogs, cats, a rabbit, a ferret, a horse, and other animals. With informative text and photos, this book gives an educational, insider's view of what an animal doctor does.

My Mom's a Vet by Henry Horenstein
Grades K-2
Darcie's mom is a country vet. Traveling from farm to farm all day long, she takes care of sick goats and pigs, lame horses, and birthing cows. Darcie learns with each new patient that a vet's work is messy, hard, and fascinating.

A Day with Police Officers by Jan Kottke
Grades K-2
Illustrations and simple text describe different kinds of police officers and the work they do.

Aero and Officer Mike by Joan V. Russell
Grades K-2
A photo essay introduces young readers to a police dog and his human partner at work and play.

Policeman Lou and Policewoman Sue by Lisa Desimini
Grades K-2
Two police officers have a quiet day keeping the streets of their town safe by rescuing a lost dog, writing tickets, and helping people to cross the street, but when a theft occurs, they jump into action.

A Day with Firefighters by Jan Kottke
Grades K-2
This early reader offers a brief glimpse into the life of a group of firefighters. Young readers will learn about a few aspects of the job and firefighter's equipment.

Firefighters A to Z by Chris L. Demarest
Grades K-2
This A to Z of a firefighter's typical day covers the ins and outs of being a firefighter, discussing fire safety, and even the logistics of fighting a fire.

Mayor: In the Company of Norman Rice, Mayor of Seattle by Richard Sobol
Grades 2-5
This book details the variety of activities, meetings, and events that Mayor Rice engages in as he leads his busy city. The text and color photographs give a nice glimpse into the life of one of the most prominent African-American mayors of a major United States city.

Red Light, Green Light, Mama and Me by Cari Best
Grades K-2
Lizzie is excited about spending a day at work with her mother, a children's librarian at the big downtown library.

Check it Out!: The Book About Libraries by Gail Gibbons
Grades K-2
This book discusses what is found in a library and how different libraries serve their communities.

I Want to Be a Doctor by Dan Liebman
Grades K-2
An introduction to the profession, including a visit to a doctor's office and a hospital. Different machines and common procedures are shown and simply explained.

Day in the Life of a Doctor by Linda Hayward
Grades K-2
Doctor Amy Baker sees patients in her office. A mother brings in her little girl, who is crying. What is wrong?

Professional Books

20 Manipulative Mini-Books: Neighborhood and Community by Kathleen M. Hollenbeck
Grades 1-3
Easy-to-make, interactive mini-books engage kids in reading and writing and teach key social studies concepts and vocabulary.

Reading-for-Meaning Mini-Books: Neighborhood and Community by Maria Fleming
Grades K-1
Twelve Interactive Mini-Books invite kids to read, write, and cut and paste to help build reading comprehension skills.

15 Easy-to-Read Neighborhood & Community Mini-Book Plays by Sheryl Ann Crawford, Nancy I. Sanders
Grades K-2
Every class will have fun developing reading skills, fluency, and confidence as they read these delightful mini-book plays. Titles include We Bring the Mail, Many Ways to Get Around, Fire Fighters, Follow the Map, Good Neighbors Help, and many more!

Community Helpers! Bulletin Board
Grades PreK-3
Colorful display of 15 community helpers that can also be used in career development discussions. Career name labels also included. Plastic-coated for color-fastness and durability, write-on, wipe-off surface.


Ben's Guide (K-2): Your Neighborhood
Click buildings in the virtual community to learn about the people who work there.

Community Helpers
Follow a kindergarten Web Quest created by the Lake Forest School district.

Fire Station Virtual Tours
Click fire stations to read about them, take virtual tours, and read interviews with firefighters.

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