Building mutual trust with class parents helps provide students with a strong foundation for learning. Use Scholastic resources to help you establish rewarding partnerships during parent-teacher conferences and throughout the year.


Professional Articles

Getting Along With the Grown-Ups
Expert ideas for solving your toughest parent problems

Speaking Their Language
Successfully reaching out to immigrant parents just requires a few simple steps.

Many Ways to Reach Parents
For those times when face-to-face conferences are not possible or necessary, you can communicate effectively in other ways.

10, 9, 8 … Countdown to Open School Night
Here are 44 tips, activity ideas, and last-minute reminders to guarantee a great celebration.

Planning for Parent Conferences
Use this guide as you prepare for upcoming conferences — includes ideas for an agenda, tips for setting up a comfortable conference area, and more.

Handle with Care
Some conferences require special preparation. Get tips on how to conduct meetings with the parents of a student whose behavior has raised concerns.

Tips from Teachers
Experienced educators share words of wisdom based on their own parent-teacher conferences.

Establishing Friendly Partnerships
Use this guide to foster pleasant relationships with parents.

Audio Resources

Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences
Listen to a round-table discussion between teachers with ideas and suggestions for making parent-teacher conferences successful.

Sample Parent-Teacher Conference Preparation Forms

Form for Parents to fill out before meeting

Form for Teacher to fill out before meeting

Back-to-School Letter that Invites Family Involvement (PDF)