Children's cubbies are special places where personal belongings can be stored, treasures can be displayed, and solace can be found. Try these ideas to make cubbies a source of comfort and support for children.

  • Encourage children to bring a family picture to school and display it in a place of honor in their cubbies.
  • Invite children to decorate shoeboxes that will serve as treasure boxes for items they might gather on a class walk, find on a field trip, or bring from home. Children can keep their treasure box on top of or inside their cubbies. A glance or two at "special treasures" often serves as a quick source of comfort and pleasure.
  • Ask children to help you to line their cubbies with contact paper in soft, pastel colors or patterns of their choice if your school allows. If this is not possible, you might try lining cubbies with children's drawings and paintings.
  • Keep a stack of notecards on hand so that you can create soothing messages to children who may be having a difficult day. You might attach stickers to the cards, write simple messages that you can share at the end of the day, or draw a happy, smiling face with the child's name at the top of the card and your own at the bottom. Place the notes in children's cubbies, inviting them to "check their cubbies" when some relief is needed.
  • Make cubby-size pillows as a class project. Store the pillows in children's cubbies so that they can be snuggled with when needed.
  • Allow children to store their favorite blanket or "lovey" from home in their cubby. Just seeing their special object and knowing that it is available for them at the end of the day is comforting and reassuring.