America has changed a lot by 2170 — clones, cyborgs, traveling through time for history class via virtual reality — but its citizens are still struggling with questions about freedom and human rights as they have throughout history. Leanna Deberry is an 8th grader in St. Louis Missouri, who is only worried about doing well in her classes, hanging out with her best friend Sandra, and trying out for her school's swifting team. But everything changes for her the day her mother is arrested in her own home and accused of being a member of The Liberty Bell, a "terrorist" organization dedicated to winning equal rights for the clones who serve humans.

Leanne is forced to flee her home with only a backpack containing her commglasses, a change of clothes, and a virtual scrapbook that contains the true story of The Liberty Bell. She must evade the bounty hunter Joe Spiller and his flesh-eating biobots, hide out in dangerous Gypsy City, and make unlikely allies as she conceals her own identity and tries to piece together the mystery of her own life. Will Leanne become the newest member of The Liberty Bell and dedicate her life to fighting slavery and tyranny? And can she learn more about The O, a race of aliens that has worked with The Liberty Bell throughout history to protect humanity?

Read The Clone Codes to enter a fast-paced future world with echoes of America's fascinating history.