Establish a routine. Select a signal-- blink the lights, chime the triangle. Discuss with children at group time the need for a signal, what it might be, and what we will do when we hear it. Invite children to take turns delivering the signal.
Encourage competence. Phrase your "directives" so they indicate respect for each child's knowledge and cooperative spirit.
"Gloria, you know where the crayons and markers go, right?"
"Petie, you are a very fast guy. Show everybody how fast you can put those trucks in their places!"
Give compliments. "Fabulous, Ava! What a great job!" 'Victor! You're learning to be a better cleaner-upper every day!" Pin a pretend (or actual) badge on every child who helps, even if only in a token way.
Encourage cooperation. Team friends together. "Allan and Bernie, you can put all the puzzle pieces in their puzzles and all the puzzles on their shelf." Pair a child who is less sociable with a friendly child.
Be playful. Choose a fun task for the reluctant helper. "Ronald, here's a perfect job for you! Please shovel all the sand into the pails and pour it back into the sandbox for next time." Be playful yourself. Say to the children playing with wheel toys, "Drivers needed! All drivers needed! Please get these toys to their garages over there."
End with the happy thought of another routine, one of children's favorites. Snack? Story? Free Play?