Appearance of Sun Time
(ex. 12:00 EST)
Outdoor Temperature
(in ºC or ºF)
Sky Quality (include cloud cover, color, and brightness)
Before Eclipse:        
First Contact(FC):        
FC +10 mins.:*        
FC +20 mins.:        
FC +30 mins.:        
FC +40 mins.:        
FC +50 mins.:        
FC +60 mins.:        
Last Contact:        
After Eclipse:        

* The length of the eclipse (i.e., the time between First Contact and Last Contact) will vary depending on where you live. The eclipse may not last a full hour in your area.


Reaction Log:

Things to Record in Your Observation Journal:

  • Sketches showing the progression of the moon over the sun (in which direction does the moon move? How does the crescent change shape?)
  • Temperature before, during, and after the eclipse (10 min. intervals during eclipse)
  • Any changes in the sky? Color, clouds, darkening, etc.
  • What time is the moon first noticed on the sun?
  • Estimate how much of the sun is covered at maximum, then compare it with the information table provided by Mr. Eclipse.
  • Are there any sunspots on the image of the sun?
  • Reaction: Is this what you thought it was going to be like? What are some descriptions you might use? (use lots of adjectives!)