In order to save their parents, John and Philippa, the Djinn Twins, have to figure out how to be in two places at once.

What do goose liver pate, a string of pearls, an arm stronger than any human's, a Las Vegas stage magician, and a huge ancient Chinese warrior zombie have in common? They're all part of the mystery that John and Philippa Gaunt, the Djinn Twins, have to solve.

When they returned from India and Nepal, where their last adventure had taken them, they discovered that their father had been cursed with a Methuselah spell, and was about 250 years old. The only way to reverse it was to find someone else to be the Blue Djinn of Babylon, instead of their mother, who put the spell on him when she left for Babylon. And that wasn't going to be easy, because they had to stay with their father 24/7 to stop the aging process.

While the three of them are together, he won't get any older. But the twins had to go to Bannerman's Island, New York, to Las Vegas, to London, and to three different places in Italy. How can they do that and still stay in their own East 77th Street home?

It's a good thing that they're djinns and another good thing that they're twins, because those were the two things they needed, to be in two places at the same time. But by the time Nimrod, Groanin, and Mr. Rakshasas have arrived, and their plans made, they realized that strange things were happening all over the world. Museums were robbed of jade artifacts, popular TV shows went off the air, mediums were strangely unable to contact the spirit world, and other strange disturbances of all kinds. What did it mean? Who was the hottest Elvis lookalike called Jonathan Tarot, and what did he have to do with the twins?

Step aboard the whirlwind, and find out.