Soul mirrors, birthday parties, disappearing friends, an old Nazi field marshal's baton with a hidden compartment, burglars who break in to the twins' home and leave a medallion from the cult of the Eight Cobras, that served the snake god, a giant king cobra.

The adventure begins on the twins' birthday, when their friend Buck, who's a djinn, just like the twins, doesn't show up at the party. He's disappeared. A few days later John gets their new birthday computers up and running, and as soon as he opens his email account, a message from Buck pops up. He needs their help. Two friends of his have been murdered, and the killers are after him. Killers who turn out to look very much like the burglars who broke into John and Philippa's house, killers who use king cobras to kill their victims, killers who seem to be after a picture Buck has, a picture from India, of a huge king cobra, being worshipped by the men surrounding him. 

Uncle Nimrod and his friend Mr. Rakshashas are on the trail of the Eight Cobras, but they will need the help of Buck, John, Philippa and even Layla, the twins' mother, who will be the next Blue Djinn. They go from New York to London, from London to Nepal, and from Nepal to India, the home of the cult and the giant snake god. They must defeat him, or die trying.