A lost will, a Red Knight, an enchanted sword, and a dead boy who unexpectedly returns to life—how are they connected?

Strange things were happening at Bloor Academy. Ezekial Bloor had called a meeting to which only his most nefarious acquaintances had been invited—thieves, poisoners, kidnappers, and even murderers. As they came into the ballroom to take their seats, many noticed a plain white eight foot cube looming in one corner of the room.

Titania Tilpin was one of the first speakers. She held up the Mirror of Amoret. It showed a white haired boy with thick glasses—Billy Raven. Ezekial pushed his wheelchair to the front of the stage and began to speak. His great grandfather had left all his lands, his treasures, and even his house to his oldest daughter Maybelle and her descendants. Billy is the last one left. Years before, Ezedial’s great aunt forged another will leaving everything to their side of the family. But the real will is still out there, and Ezekial is determined to find it and destroy it.

After hearing the whole story, and finding out that he’s ready to pay them generously for their help, his guests are more than eager to get started. They began with the Pets Café.

And that’s not the only strange event—Tancred Torrossen died and then was brought back to life. Norton Cross, the doorman at the Pets Café, betrayed its owners, forcing the café to close. There are two strangers in town—a 17th century swordsman with an enchanted sword, and a Red Knight mounted on a white horse. Who are they? Why are they here? And what do they have to do with Charlie Bone, his parents, the heirs of the Red King, and the Bloor Academy?


This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, author, librarian, consultant, and booktalking expert.