What’s the connection between a ghost horse, five tiny white candles, an adoption oath, strange disappearances, magical experiments and the Castle of Mirrors? I bet Charlie Bone knows. Why don’t you ask him?

“Smile, Usher. We want to put the boy at ease.”

“It won’t be for long.”

“Until he does what they want. You’ll have to use your talent to stop him from getting out.”

After Billy leaves with his new parents, Charlie talks to Cook about Billy, and she confesses she’s worried too. She got a letter from one of his family, who’d tried to adopt him when his parents died, but the Bloors put an immediate stop to it. They were determined to have him because Billy is the rightful heir to the Castle of Mirrors. She doesn’t know more than that, but says that Charlie’s Uncle Paton might. On his way home, Charlie stops at Ingledews Books to talk to his friend Emma, and is surprised to find his uncle there are well. Paton is there because a mysterious letter was delivered to him there, rather than at home. In it Billy’s guardian asks Paton and Charlie to prevent Billy from being adopted by the Greys, saying it would be quite disastrous for Billy.