There's a new student at Bloor Academy, and he seems determined to make trouble for Charlie in every way possible.

There's a new student at Bloor Academy, Dagbert Endless. Charlie's been assigned to be his monitor and show him around school. But Charlie doesn't know about the secret meeting Dagbert and his father had with Ezekiel, Dr. Bloor and Manfred Bloor, nor does he know about the almost instant connection that formed between Dagbert and Manfred. What he does know is that Dagbert sticks to him closer than glue, and seems determined to drive a wedge between Charlie and his friends. 

And things get worse when everyone finds out about Dagbert's endowment-he drowns people. No one wants to be around him, and since Dagbert is always around Charlie, no one wants to be around Charlie, either. Then Dagbert manages to get Charlie detention, so he'll have only one day at home over the weekend, not two. 

But one day turns out to be long enough for Charlie to find Mrs. Kettle's favorite teapot. It was made by one of her ancestors, and while it doesn't look like much, it heats up when the person who owns it is in danger, and if it ever boils dry, someone will die. "Take it, Charlie," Mrs. Kettle told him. "You're going to need it, especially with that Dagbert around."

What is going on at Bloor Academy? How is Dagbert involved? What does it mean for Charlie and his friends? Are the Children of the Red King in danger yet again? And who are the two strange hooded figures that are following Charlie everywhere, watching him from the shadows?

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