Your Character Chart interactive organizer can be used with a whole class, small group, or individual students. It is ideal for guiding cooperative learning groups or, using a printed version to hand out, for independent work at home.

Using the Character Chart graphic organizer students will:

  • Identify character traits
  • Infer character traits from story clues
  • Show character through action in their writing


Most often, literary characters are developed and understood by their actions. This organizer helps students to see the connection between a character’s actions and his or her description. Used as a prewriting tool, it helps students to “show what their character is like,” rather than telling.

Character Chart Graphic Organizer

Download the File

Download this Character Chart: Reading Comprehension and Writing file to use it on your interactive whiteboard. The chart is one of the 50 classroom-tested reproducible templates in 50 Graphic Organizers for the Interactive Whiteboard. (Note: If you don’t already have Notebook Interactive Viewer, you can access a free version of the SMART Notebook Express software with SMART Notebook Express.)


How to Use the Character Chart Graphic Organizer

Model the use of this organizer using a well-known literary character. Write the name of the character on the face. Next, ask students to describe the character to you.

As the class offers adjectives, record them on the tummy and ask, “How do you know the character is (mean, smart, tricky, etc.)?" Encourage students to tell you what he character did to create this impression. Record the character’s actions on the limbs.

Help students understand that good writers show their readers, through a character’s behavior, what a character is like. (If students have difficulty beginning with the description, they may write actions first and later conclude what those actions tell about the character.)

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