My third graders had a read-a-thon. We brought blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and snacks to make the day extra special. We read all day in different ways: silently, partner share, round robin, and aloud. We had SDL (stop, drop, and listen) to many of the guest readers that dropped in during the day. Dressed as Ms. Frizzle, I modeled reading silently by lying on the floor with the children. It was a great day that we will do again for "know" reason.

Sandi Fisher, Wynnewood, PA, Third grade

Our entire school of 250 students read the same book, Freak the Mighty, by W. R. Philbrick, together. Many activities are planned for the weeks ahead. It was great having the whole school on the same page.


Elaine Flore, Lansing, MI, Eighth grade

I work at an Early Childhood Center in Peekskill, NY. Our principal read Dr. Seuss books to several classes in the library. Students came from the middle school to read to classes. I am an ESL teacher. In my class, we read Dr. Seuss's The Foot Book. We measured our feet with paper clips, compared the biggest versus the smallest feet, and made pictures of our feet.



Maryellen Sasagauy, Peekskill, NY, Kindergarten


My sixth graders were reintroduced to Dr. Seuss. They had packets to be completed with Dr. Seuss stories to work on prior to our reading day, which contained mini-lessons on compare and contrast, story elements, persuasion, and other skills. Then we spent the day in our pajamas, tents, and sleeping bags reading. Parents came to read their favorite stories in our campsite setting. The children had a great time wearing their pajamas, sharing old favorites, and reading all day.

  K. Hamlin, Maineville, OH, Sixth grade