Inspire children to read during this special week by stocking your shelves with the best books, holding fun reading events, and featuring special guests in the library. With the right combination, you may hook someone on reading for life!

Why Children's Book Week Is Important
Since 1919, National Children's Book Week has been an annual tradition dedicated to spreading the joy of reading. Use this time to introduce children of all ages and their parents to the pleasure of reading and the worlds that exists between the covers of great books.

Creative Ways to Celebrate

Need ideas to make the week special? Try these suggestions:
  • Get Your Students Involved. Vote for the Children's Choice Book Awards. Kids across the country can vote for their favorite books among the finalists in each age category . Encourage kids to read and vote for their favorites online. Or you can tally your students' votes and enter them as a group.

  • Spread the Word. Distribute flyers in school classrooms or local businesses encouraging kids and parents to stop by the library for a week of festivities. Include book recommendations and fast facts about the everyday benefits of your library. Tip for the future: Take advantage of library traffic this week to invite parents to sign up for email announcements about future events.

  • Post Booklists. Display suggested titles along with special booklists that will grab readers' attention such as If You Love Harry Potter or Page to Screen Favorites.

  • Bring a Character to Life. Imagine visitors' surprise when Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events welcomes them or The Magic School Bus' Ms. Frizzle hosts a read-aloud! From Willie Wonka to Professor Dumbledore — the possibilities are endless.

  • Host Contests or Sweepstakes. Have Jeopardy-style quiz competitions, where each category is a different book, or let kids answer printed quizzes on their own to enter the sweepstakes. For prizes, offer free books if they're available or coupons valued at one day's late fees.

  • Encourage Further Reading with Take-Homes. Use our interactive Spelling Wizard to create printable Word Scrambles and Searches. In place of spelling words, use must-read book titles or author names. For preschoolers, distribute ready-to-color Clifford pages.

  • Set Up a Book-Making Center. Supply sparkles, glue, construction paper, crayons, and other crafts that kids can use to create their own storybooks or bookmarks.

  • Have a Guest Reader. Invite a local actor with a gift for storytelling, a member of your community, or even a favorite author or illustrator to host a reading.