Every good teacher knows that the walls are prime real estate -- the place where you reinforce rules and routines, encourage students to do their best, and celebrate everyone's achievements.

Use the ideas below to create powerful displays for your classroom.


author study bulletin board
Example of an author study bulletin board.

Celebrate Authors and Books (Grades K-6)
Promote your students' favorite authors and books with a literature-inspired bulletin board.

Poetry Doors & Other Winning Ideas (PreK-8)
These suggested and tested ideas were the winning entries in our monthly Winning Ideas Monthly Contest!


Wall of Fame (PreK-8)
Third-grade teacher Genia Connell explains how she uses her bulletin board idea to build community in the classroom.

Word Walls that Work (Grades K-2)
Use these 6 tips to create an interactive, ongoing display of words and/or parts of words. Then use your display to teach spelling, reading, and writing strategies, letter-sound correspondence, and more.

Tips on Decorating for a Word Study (Grades 6-Up)
Elizabeth Ramos, a high school language arts teacher, offers a quick bulletin board idea for teaching new vocabulary.

Interactive Bulletin Boards (Grades K-6)
You and your students create and add to this bulletin board as you progress through your class book. Charlotte's Web is used as an example, but this bulletin board idea can be used with any book.

Unfold a Story (Grades K-6)
Try this anytime-of-the-year interactive bulletin board that supports collaborative writing.