Interactive Bulletin Boards (Grades K-6)

Work with your students to create a bulletin board for a book you are preparing to read as a class, and add to it as your reading progresses. Charlotte's Web is used here as an example, but this bulletin board idea can be used with any book.

  • Before beginning the book, work together with children to create a bulletin board of a farm scene that includes a barn, a pigpen, and Charlotte's doorway.
  • As you encounter animal characters in the book, add them to the bulletin board.
  • Label each animal with two or three adjectives that describe its character (e.g. Wilbur: loyal, considerate, humble).
  • Discuss how the personalities of each contributed to the harmony (or disharmony) of the community.
  • Once the book is finished, complete the bulletin board by creating a talk bubble for each animal that contains a quote from the story. Let students try to match the quote to the animal and staple it to the bulletin board above its head.

—Adapted from an idea by Wendy Weiner, Parkview School, Milwaukee, WI