The greatest contribution you can make to students' success is to help them become proficient readers. Here are strategies to help you build reading success.

Strategies for Reading Success
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  • Reading First: New Challenges, New Opportunities
    Teachers have long recognized the critical importance of reading. In light of recent legislation, the teaching of reading has now taken center stage in the national debate about education in the United States. Find out what it's all about in this article by Lynne Doherty Herndon.
    Source: Instructor magazine


  • Increasing Reading Achievement: What Does it Take?
    What you need to know to help your students become proficient readers. By Scholastic National Literacy Specialist Linda Cornwell.


  • Rah-rah Reading!
    "Book Talks": what they are and how to give them. By teacher and Literacy Consultant Ellen A. Thompson.
    Source: Instructor magazine

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Strategies for Reading Success
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