From Unit Plan: Ruby Bridges: Connecting Lives

Searching through The Teacher Store at provided wide variety of books that cover segregation in the 1960s and African-American history. Here are some of my students' favorites:

Black Eagles by Jim Haskins
African Americans in aviation throughout history

The Book of Black Heroes from A to Z by Wade Hudson and Valerie Wilson Wesley
Classroom Tip: Introduce the students to some African-American heroes past and present.

The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles
Ruby Bridges's childhood during times of segregation. 

Classroom Tip: Read aloud to students and guide them through their double-entry journal.

La historia de Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles
Spanish edition of The Story of Ruby Bridges.

Classroom Tip: Help your Spanish-speaking students understand The Story of Ruby Bridges.

Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges
Ruby Bridges chronicles segregation and the steps of change in history.

Classroom Tip: Have the students work in groups to complete their double-entry journal.