Organizational tips to help make your classroom library easy-to-use for your students, and easy-to-manage for you!

Quick Tips for Organizing Your Classroom Library:
Creating an Effective Space
Organizing Your Materials

Classroom Activity:
Do-It-Yourself Book Plates!

The greatest contribution you can make to students' success is to help them become proficient readers. Here are strategies to help you build reading success and ideas for building a classroom library.

Building Your Classroom Library
A well-stocked and organized classroom library forms the foundation for reading success. Here's help on how to create one.

  • Five Major Functions of the Classroom Library
    Your classroom library will grow and develop over time. Keep these important functions in mind as you add to your collection. By D. Ray Reutzel and Parker C. Fawson.
    Source: Scholastic Professional Books.

  • Creating an A+++ Classroom Library
    A veteran teacher explains his foolproof method for setting up a classroom library where students plead for more silent reading time. By Jeff Lowe.
    Source: Instructor magazine

  • Books for All Your Classroom Needs
    Customize your classroom library with the help of professional articles, an interactive catalog, and book recommendations from reading experts.