Bronxwood ain’t a town you wanna be messin’ around in. You always gots to be lookin’ ova your shouldah: gangs, drugs, money and sex...

This is where Tyrell lives and he wants out. Ty had to grow up fast, too fast. His mother only cares about herself, and as long as she has a man around, any man, she couldn’t care less about her family; his father, in jail; and his little brother, well he keeps getting shuffled around in foster care.

Ty has managed to get around the system and lives in an apartment with two roommates. He’s been relying on his amazing DJ skills (and his father’s DJ equipment) to live. He wants no part of his roommates’ “dealings,” yet they keep trying to coerce him into it.

Tyrell’s life starts to majorly fall apart when he agrees to DJ the beautiful Jasmine’s very expensive, Latino, sweet sixteen extravaganza. Jasmine is the girl of his dreams and Tyrell is looking to make it her best birthday ever (and pick up some serious extra cash of course). What Tyrell was not expecting when he committed to the job, is his dad getting out of jail, trying to reconstruct the family “business” and renting out all his DJ equipment right before Jasmine’s big party.

Tyrell needs his own DJ equipment and fast, but he can’t bring himself to risk his life dealing drugs. He also needs to get his brother out of foster care while dealing with his irate, overbearing father…what’s a brother to do?

Read Bronxwood to find out.