Federative Republic of Brazil (Républica Federativa do Brazil) is the official name of the country.
Location: Eastern South America.
Area: 3,286,478 sq mi (8,511,965 km2).
Population: 165,000,000 (estimate).
Capital: Brasília.
Largest City: São Paulo.
Major Language(s): Portuguese (official).
Major Religious Group(s): Christian (Roman Catholic, Evangelical Protestant).
Government: Republic. Head of state and government--president. Legislature--National Congress (consisting of the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate).
Chief Products: Agricultural--soybeans, coffee, beans, rice, cassava, cacao, sugar, corn, oranges, bananas, pineapples, tobacco, cotton, livestock and livestock products. Manufactured--processed foods, textiles, steel, motor vehicles, chemicals, television sets, paper and other wood products. Mineral--iron ore, manganese, bauxite, chrome, nickel, gemstones, uranium, salt, lead, gold.
Monetary Unit: Real (1 real = 100 centavos).