Molly and Mark are each hiding a secret about themselves.  What will happen when those secrets come out?

Molly Swain is a high school senior who gets good grades, has a scholarship to Columbia, and has a secret. 

Mark Dahl is a high school senior who's never made an A, hates working on the family farm, and plans to work for his uncle after graduation, and has a secret. 

Molly's secret is that even though he's way out of her league, she's in love with Mark.  She has been for months.  So when he tells her that he's moving to New Jersey to work for his uncle, painting houses, it seems like fate.  Maybe things will be different when they are both in the New York area. 

Mark and Molly begin to hang out whenever he can get to the city.  She even lets him crash in her dorm room, but they're still just friends.  Lily and Jessie, who live on the same hall in the dorm, give Molly endless advice, and take her out to clubs on the weekend to distract her. 

The night Jessie talks Molly and Lily into going to a gay club, Molly finds out Mark's secret.  He's gay - and he's always thought Molly was too!  He's as horrified to find out she's not gay as Molly is to find out that he is.

Molly's whole universe changed in a fraction of a second when she heard Mark's secret.  But that didn't change they way she felt about him.  How do you stop being in love when you know that he'll never fall in love with you?  How do you go from being "in love" to "in like?"

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian, and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.