Tunnels #2: Deeper Video Booktalk

Will, Cal, and Chester have no choice but to go deeper and deeper into the underground world. It's the only way to find Will and Cal's father.

Will Burrows is still searching for his father, but he's realized that to find him, he will have to go deeper than ever before, or his search, his quest, will be unsuccessful. Cal, his brother, and Chester, his best friend, are with him. Chester was held captive for months by the angry colonists, and he is thin, frail, and sickly-but still determined to follow wherever Will leads.   

But Chester realizes a horrible truth — he can never go back to living Topside, can never see his family again, because he'd be leading the Styx right to them, and they would be killed or captured. Keeping them safe means keeping his distance.  He knows they have to continue on their mission. They have to find Will's father. They have to find a way to defeat, or at least confront, the evil Styx. If they can, maybe they can also figure out a way to return to the Topside.

The deeper the boys go, the more dangerous their journey becomes. Will it end in success or failure? The only way to find out is to join them on their journey.

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, consultant, librarian and internationally known booktalker.