Who is your family, the brother that tricks you, or the enemy that fights beside you?

No one had eaten rabbit for a very long time, Harry thought, remembering the grand banquets of the past. Those days were gone forever, and the foxes were  starving. There was talk of a huge warren of rabbits in an abandoned fortress far to the south, but no one knew how true it was, and besides, the fortress was hard to find, and guarded by a tall wall that was impossible to climb. But things that are too much trouble to bother with when food is plentiful, seem more reasonable when it is scarce. But the four scouts sent to gather information on the fortress and what was inside it didn't return, so Isaac, the Director of Foxboro, persuaded his brother Harry to go check out the situation. 

Things weren't much better in the rabbit warren. It had been snowing for weeks, and the streets hadn't been cleared, making walking difficult. The government hadn't ordered them to be cleaned, and community meetings had been cancelled, leaving no way to complain about the streets or any of the other problems the residents of the warren faced, like the harsh new laws that were enforced by cruel soldiers, who wouldn't hesitate to severely punish anyone who broke them. But in spite of the laws and the curfews and the rabbits being drafted into the military to maintain 24 hour surveillance on the fortress wall, whole families continued to disappear, leaving no clues about what happened or them.

There was something wrong in the forest that separated the foxes from the rabbits, something very wrong. And if natural enemies didn't agree to work together to find out what it was, neither the foxes nor the rabbits would survive.

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.