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There was something strange in the old house-or was it someone strange?

It started the very first night they spent in the old Connecticut house.  The dreams,  The sleepwalking.  The face in the mirror that Pemba didn't recognize, but that still looked vaguely familiar.  The soft whisper of sound,  "My friend..."

Pemba hadn't wanted to leave Brooklyn to live in a small town in Connecticut.  But her mom had a new teaching job in Hartford, so they moved.  It was an old house, one that needed cleaning and loving care.  That first night, Pemba went to sleep in her bedroom, and woke up the next morning on the hard, dusty floor in the attic.  How had she gotten there, and why?  And who was the brown-skinned girl she'd dreamed about?  What was she trying to tell Pemba?  What secret was she so desperate to share?

How do you help a ghost?  How do you solve a mystery that's hundreds of years old?  Pemba doesn't know, but she's determined to try!

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian, and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.