When you have snakes for hair, it's never not a bad hair day!

A long time ago, in ancient Greece, there lived a girl named Medusa Jones. She was a gorgon. Other than that, she was pretty normal—for someone who always had a bad hair day. I mean, someone who had snakes on her head instead of hair? How could that be any good? And never mind her ability to turn anyone to stone just by looking at them—her parents just told her to rise above all the kids who made fun of her, and figure out other ways to deal with them. If she turned anyone to stone, and she was grounded for life. Or maybe turned into stone herself—both of them had their own nests of hairsnakes! "Sometimes," Medusa thought to herself, "Life just isn't fair."

Every day at school, she had to deal with the Champions. They were perfect, way better than anyone else at school, and it was their duty and pleasure to remind everyone of that. Medusa was their favorite target. They called her Miss Hiss or Little Miss Slitherface. And because they teased her, so did everyone else in school. 

Then, on her way home from school, she saw a new shop. Salon de Josef, Hairdresser to the Stars, the sign said. A New You is just a snip away! Maybe that was the answer to Medusa's problems. No one could tease her if those snakes were gone. Medusa walked into the shop. But moments later, she was running out, leaving Josef and his snakebitten hand behind her. The snakes weren't interested in being snipped and styled.

What can she do? Her best friends aren't a lot of help—they get teased as much as she does. Chiron is half horse, half boy, and Mino is half boy and half bull. But maybe if they work together, they can fight back, and get the Champions to stop their teasing and meanness. Sure, they may look different, but that doesn't mean they're dumb or powerless!

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.