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A lunchtime accident in the lab creates the Magic Pickle, the perfect superhero, ready to save the world from all sorts of bad guys and fight for truth and justice!

JoJo was just an ordinary girl, in every way but one. She had a dark green, stubby, bumpy, flying superhero living underneath the floor of her bedroom. He was the Kosher Dill Secret Weapon in the battle against the Brotherhood of Evil Produce-but JoJo called him the Magic Pickle for short. You see, her house had been built on top of Capital Dill, the secret underground lab of a secret government scientist named Dr. Formaldehyde. His goal was to create the perfect superhero, and the Magic Pickle was the result. He would protect the world by fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

The battle began at the farmer's market, where a sour potion was disguised as free samples of lemonade. Everyone who drank it changed from normal people to the meanest, rudest, and most selfish people on the entire planet. It was up to the Magic Pickle to halt the spread of sourness.

And that was only the beginning, because the next day, something much worse happened. Jarek, a boy in JoJo's class, who drank the last free sample of lemonade the day before, used his sour power and a huge heap of grapes to create a new super-villain called Razin'. And Razin' is determined to rule the world by turning everyone into fat, juicy, mindless grapes, all loyal to him, in all his evil, raisiny, wrinkled glory.

Can dilly power overcome sun-dried fury? Can the Magic Pickle make Razin' into just another sour grape, instead of the general of the Grapes of Wrath army? Can JoJo ever sleep peacefully at night, knowing the the Magic Pickle has once again saved the world from all those incredibly nasty inedibles, like Razin' and the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil Produce? Follow that flying flash of green, and find out.

And if you enjoy this story, make sure you don't miss the companion book, Magic Pickle vs. the Egg Poacher - it's another dilly of a book.

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.