How would you feel if your fate in high school was left up to one day?

Students of Mount Washington High School eagerly await the last Monday in September. The bell rings and for eight girls, their lives will never be the same. It’s the week of the Homecoming dance, but, no one really cares yet. They don’t care until they’ve seen The List. No one knows who makes the list, but for most students, it’s the most important document of the year. It determines who gets invited to parties, who to date, who to be friends with and, most importantly, who to ridicule. This year’s list is different. It doesn’t just list the prettiest freshman girl to ugliest senior girl; it adds commentary of why the person was chosen. This is new. This is cause for alarm, especially since veteran beauty Candice is now labeled ugly due to her vicious habits. Did she finally get what she deserved?

The List has always been a tradition, but now, new, beautiful, Principal Colby wants to put a stop to it and doesn’t know where to begin. Should she start with beautiful senior Margo, who has been on the list once before? or should she pay extra close attention to Sarah, the ugly sophomore who has taken her new found “ugly” status to the next level?

Each girl on the list has their own story to tell. What does it mean to be ugly? pretty? not listed? Who has the right to label people? No one ever questions the list. It’s always right.

The List by Siobhan Vivian, will you be on it?