The Lab video booktalk

Agent Six of Hearts is more than human—he has superspeed, superstrength, superintelligence, and one devastating secret.

He is Six of Hearts, and he is not entirely human. He is sixteen, about 5’10”, slender with short dark hair. He has been the top agent for the Deck since it was created three years ago. He has superstrength, superspeed, superintelligence, and very little emotion or personality, and very few social skills. He wasn’t born, he was created in The Lab, by Dr. Retuni Lerke, and Six’s first memories are of that face peering into Six’s clear glass cage with chilling glee. He escaped when The Lab burned down, and King found him. He and King have been together ever since. 

Society is very different in Six’s time. A thick dark fog hangs in the atmosphere, covering everything, thick with pollution and poisonous to breathe. Life spans were shortened by 20 years when the Takeover happened, and the fog became permanent. Of course, the rich live longer, but billions of homeless die in their thirties. ChaoSonic rules the world, and watches the people who live in it, and controls every aspect of their lives. Only a few vigilante groups like the Deck, still try to uphold the moral and social values of the Code, and fight ChaoSonic in any way they can.

Because of his superhuman abilities, Six takes more risks, and so far, he’s always won, and has never had to kill to do so. But this mission might change all that. King has finally found the Lab. The Human Genome Project, Project Falcon, Six’s birthplace, where he was created.  For the first time, Six has to go in alone, without any other agents to back him up. He has to find the Lab, figure out what they’re doing and how far their research has advanced. Then he has to get out alive, so he can report to King what he found out. 

Six’s missions have always been successful — until now. Now he’s on his own, against the deadliest and most evil in the world — and there are no guarantees. 

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, librarian, consultant, and internationally known booktalking expert.