The Inkworld is in chaos. Is there any way to rewrite the story and restore it to the order and beauty it once had?

The Inkworld is in chaos. The Milksop, Adderhead's brother-in-law, rules in Umbra, and his soldiers go from village to village, stealing everything they can drag or carry away. 

Orpheus has the last copy of Inkheart, and he pulls words from it and rearranges and speaks them to give himself chests of coins. He has become wealthy and arrogant. Farid digs the holes to find the treasure, but gets none of it. Orpheus doesn't share. But it matters little to Farid-his pain over Dustfinger's death is still new, still everpresent in his mind, and he doesn't care about chests of coins. 

Mo works with the Black Prince and his band of robbers to help the villagers hide their valuables and their harvests, so Milksop's men can't find them. What they can find, they can take. Mo's also worried about Resa. She's pregnant, and the baby was conceived in the real world, so it will be a flesh and blood baby, not a paper one. Mo thinks the timing is perfect. As Meggie approaches adulthood, there will be a new baby to cuddle, with tiny fingers to tug on his larger ones. 

But Resa has been ill, and can't figure out what's wrong. She and Meggie make plans to visit Roxane, Dustfinger's widow, because she will surely know what Resa needs. 

Meggie knows there are thing she must do, roles she must play, but it's hard to think about anything other than how much she misses Farid, and longs to be with him again. 

But can this love last? He's a resident of Inkworld, and Meggie is mortal through and through. Can they have a happy ending?

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