What do you do to con the worst homicidal maniac in town? Let him know that someone even bigger is coming to town to take him down.

Jake Drake has had enough! First, the Dubble twins kicked him twice right where it hurt the most, trying to get him to give them the twenty pounds his grandmother had given him for groceries. Then, when he was about to get away, he ran into two big guys dressed in black who persuaded the twins to leave, and then searched Jake till they found his twenty pounds, took it, and walked off. He'd been mugged twice in ten minutes.

That's when he decided he was going to get that money back. But when he found out that the two guys who'd robbed him worked for Franco Cortesi, the local godfather who controlled all the crime in town, Jake knew he would have to take desperate measures to make them pay. 

What scares a homicidal maniac? Another homicidal maniac, who's even bigger and badder and more dangerous. Someone that everyone's afraid of. Someone you don't have to see to be scared — just his reputation is enough to scare you to death. Now Jake didn't know where to find someone that dangerous, so he went straight to Plan B: he invented the Big Baresi, the new godfather in town. 

Big Baresi was tall, and powerful, with long black hair and piercing green eyes.  He had no wife, no kids, and no convictions, because he was always a step ahead of anyone who was chasing him. He never gave second warnings, and always shot to kill. He moved without a sound, shot without emotion, and disappeared without a trace.

There were three parts to Plan B. First people heard about Baresi. Then they read about him. And finally, they saw him in action. 

Watch out, Cortesi — The Big Baresi is coming to town, and he's taking aim at your head!