Magic isn't real. Science is real. 

But what if magic was real?

Ibby didn't believe in magic. It was just sleight of hand, mirrors and false bottoms and things like that. 

But that was before she spent the weekend with her crazy cousins, Francis and Alex. That morning, before Ibby arrived, Francis had snuck into the attic, which was off-limits, and found their Uncle Godfrey's magic set. He took it to his room and began to experiment. That's why he was only three inches tall the first time Ibby saw him that afternoon. 

It was a good thing it was just temporary magic, and a few minutes later, he was a normal size again. But there were six other tricks in the box, and the boys were determined to try them al — levitation, the multicolored handkerchief, the disappearing coin, the cards, the life cycle, and the vanishing act. 

Uncle Godfrey must have been a real magician before he disappeared. But Alex, Francis, and Ibby weren't magicians, and they soon found out that magic could be very dangerous to someone who didn't know what they were doing.