The twins live in the lap of luxury, go to the best school, wear designer clothes, and date the hottest boys. But they also have the darkest secrets that they have to keep from their friends, their family, and even from each other. 

Sydney and Lauren are twins, and two of the hottest black babes in Atlanta. They live in the lap of luxury — a multimillion dollar home in Buckhead, the most exclusive neighborhood, go to a private high school, wear designer clothes, drive their own luxury sports cars, and have the money and freedom to do whatever they want. 

But they couldn't be more different.

Sydney's into getting the best grades, going to the perfect college, her boyfriend Marcus, and anything that will look good on her college application forms-volunteering, charity work, chairing the right committees. She's determined to marry Marcus and end up exactly where she wants to be, on the exclusive society pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Lauren has a kinda sorta boyfriend, but that doesn't keep her from getting it on when she sees someone hot, loves her tiny waist and her big booty, would rather dance than anything else, and is determined to get a part in one of the rap videos Trip Johnson is famous for directing, and become a famous dancer.

But that's just the surface of their picture perfect lives, and under that surface are all the secrets they're struggling to hide-from their friends, from their parents, and even from each other. Marcus is doing a lot more studying than he used to — at least that what he's telling Sydney — but a couple of months ago, Lauren finds him with his tongue down her BFF's throat, and promises not to tell Sydney, when they say it was a one-time thing. Just the same, she wonders if Marcus and Dara are still skanking around together-Marcus is still "studying" a lot...  Sydney gets a big surprise when she goes over the Marcus's house to talk to him, and while she's waiting, checks out his computer-where he's been online, who he's emailing with, and what's in his email trash can. 

Lauren's kinda sorta boyfriend Donald isn't really her boyfriend at all-he prefers boys to girls, but acting like a couple means they both have alibis when he wants to meet cute guys, and she has her eye on that hot bad boy her parents would never let her date. Sydney isn't sure if she believes Marcus's excuses about Dara, but she's sure she doesn't want her best friends finding out that he's been two-timing her-especially with a half-white girl with green eyes, when he's always been all about black natural beauty. 

And then there's the big secret they share — their gun-smuggling father is out of prison after 11 years, and he wants to see his girls. Sydney's been writing to him for years, since she was 12, and hiding it from her mother who can't hear his name without going into a tirade about him. Lauren talks about not wanting to see him, but she's not sure if it's really the truth any more.

Secrets have a way of getting told, especially when things get tense and angry. Sydney and Lauren may seem to be living charmed lives, but what will happen when their secrets become public knowledge?