It's a long way from Manhattan to Queens, from premium canned food to cheap dry pellets, from a life of luxury and refinement to one of screaming kids and unairconditioned apartments.

Gulliver lived with a well-off professor in a Fifth Avenue apartment, ate the very best dog food, took long walks, went to the groomer's every month, and had a collar studded with turquoise. Every summer, they would travel to Paris and swap apartments for a month with a French professor. It was a good life, refined, luxurious. Gulliver never imagined how quickly it could end. 

But when his professor fell in love with the beautiful Madeline de Crecy, who was allergic to long-haired dogs, he gave Gulliver to his doorman, Carlos. Gully went from living with only one person in Manhattan to a crowded, un air- conditioned apartment in Queens with two kids, their parents and three huge dogs, all mutts, not purebred like Gully. He couldn't even sleep in his own bed at night! Gully was certain there was some mistake — his professor would never just leave him in such a horrible place! Surely, there must be a way to get back to Fifth Avenue, and his real life. 

As he fell asleep that night, dirty, lonely, frightened, and miserable, Gully vowed to get away, one way or another. But little did he know the adventures awaiting him.

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