Ernie is still in a coma, Max's father betrayed him and now has the Spear of Ragnarok, and the end of the world seems unavoidable-is there anything the Grey Griffins can do to stop it?

Ernie hadn't woken up from his coma, and the beeping of the heart monitor echoed quietly in the hospital room, just as it had for the past two months. The other Grey Griffins came to visit almost every day, hoping, praying that he'd wake up and come back to them. Without him, it would never be the same.

But the truth was, since that last great battle, nothing was the same. Morgan LaFey, leader of the Black Wolves, had disappeared, and Max's father, Lord Sumner, had taken her place, leading them against the Knights Templar. Because Max had given his father the Spear of Ragnarok, the Black Wolves were more powerful than ever, and even the Knights were having difficulty defeating them. If Lord Sumner ever figured out how to use the sword, it would all be over. Ragnarok meant the end of the world-and that's exactly what would happen.

And Iver has been called before the Grand Council of the Templar to explain how Lord Sumner had ended up with the Spear and in command of the Black Wolves. He intends to tell them that it wasn't really all Max's fault.  Lord Sumner and Morgan had been plotting for years, setting Max up, making him a Guardian of the Codex Sauctus, making sure he found the Spear, learned how to use it, and then gave it to his father. There was no doubt that Max had made some mistakes and had disobeyed Iver, but there was also no doubt that all of the Knights Templar had been masterfully manipulated.

Before Iver left, he gave the Griffins special goodbye presents, and they all played a last game of Round Table, Iver winning by a single card. Iver had refused to tell Max where the Grand Council would be held, but when no one was looking, Max sneaked a look at his ticket. He was going to Malta. But why would the Grand Council meet on a tiny rock of an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea? And why hadn't Iver bought a round trip ticket?

A few days later, Max sees a live new broadcast, with a swarm of helicopters hovering around a pillar of smoke, and words scrolling across the screen: LIVE-TERRORISTS STRIKE MALTA! The camera zoomed in to show miles of land scorched black, and trees blown flat like matchsticks. Only one thing could have created such devastation-the Spear of Ragnarok. The Black Wolves had learned to use it, most of the Templar High Command had been wiped out, and Max would never see Iver again.

Now what?