The worlds of human and faerie have always existed side by side, peacefully. But that is about to change.

You always think you’re safe with family until you’re not. You know you can always count on your family to love you, until they betray you — and then feel guilty about it. Betrayal always hurts, but it’s a clean cut and will heal. Guilt can eat you up from the inside out, and destroy you.

Until her mother disappeared suddenly without explanation, and her father caved in to his grief, Rue had a pretty normal life — family, friends, boyfriend, hanging out — the usual. But when her mother had been gone almost a month, Rue began seeing strange people no one else could see. They had pointy ears, horns, wings, strange eyes, or fangs, creatures that were equally fascinating and threatening. It wasn’t till after her father had been arrested for killing one of his students, that Rue dared to speak to one of the strangers, and discovered that they were from Faerie, and that since she could see them when humans couldn’t, she might have faerie blood. That could explain some of the mysteries she’d found among her father’s papers the night before. That could explain some of the strange things her mother had done. But that couldn’t explain what Rue was to do now.

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