Unexplained murders. Family secrets. Another dangerous mystery from the Darkside.

Unexplained murders. A mysterious family secret. A deadly battle in the streets of the Darkside. Jonathan is caught up in another dangerous mystery. This time he and Elias Carnegie are investigating two murders that may be connected. In both cases, the body was torn limb from limb, as if some monster had attacked it, the only two victims in Darkside killed exactly that way. 

The first victim, James Arkel, was killed twelve years ago, just about the time that Jonathan's mother Theresa disappeared. When the rumors started that Arkel was actually the grandson of Jack the Ripper, Arkel became the most famous murder victim in the Darkside. The crime was never solved.

Arthur Blake, star reporter for The Informer, Darkside's only newspaper, had found the second victim just days before, when he was following up on some leads near the docks. But after he'd found the body, he almost wished he hadn't. It was sure to raise questions that someone wouldn't want answered. Someone who would stop at nothing to ensure that the murders remained unsolved.

But Lucien Fox, editor of The Informer, would stop at nothing to make sure that they were solved, and he hired Jonathan and Carnegie to do the job. That interview brought up some disturbing questions for Jonathan. Carnegie had been keeping secrets from him, like the fact that his mother had worked for The Informer when she disappeared, and her desk remained untouched, looking exactly the way it had twelve years ago. Could Arkel's murder be connected to his mother's disappearance? And what else was Carnegie keeping from him? Could he know why she vanished, or where she went or where she is now?

Three unsolved mysteries. Family secrets about to be exposed. A dangerous and deadly battle that will difficult to win, or even just survive. Travel with Jonathan and Carnegie as they journey into the most dangerous parts of the Darkside, looking for answers.