Charlie and his friends must work together to save Charlie’s ancestors, who are imprisoned in the dark and dangerous land of Badlock, from the schemes of the evil Count Harken.

It’s the most difficult challenge that Charlie Bone has ever had to face, and he will need all the help he can get.

It all started with a painting, a painting no one in his family wanted, so it was stored in the basement, where Charlie found it. It was a dark and disturbing picture of a hostile, sinister country called Badlock. It showed dark towers, a sunless sky, and looming, threatening mountains.

And the very instant Charlie saw it, the painting pulled him in. Not the way he’d been pulled into pictures before, leaving the shadow of his physical body behind. This time he vanished entirely, both his mind and his body captured by the painting, forced into the dangerous, evil world of Badlock. A few minutes later, Charlie’s best friend, Benjamin Bean, came looking for Charlie and saw the painting. Before Ben could do anything, his dog, Runner Bean, was drawn into the painting and vanished.

This is no ordinary painting, as Charlie’s Uncle Paton said somewhat later. Its appearance and the way it snatched Charlie into Badlock, meant that Harken the Enchanter is somehow involved, and that isn’t good news at all. What’s going on in Badlock? Harken is evil through and through. What are his sinister plans, and who will have to die if they are to succeed?

This is Charlie’s seventh challenge. Will it be the one he fails? Or can he pull it off despite all the odds?