The old house had been in the family for generations, and it began revealing its mysterious and sinister secrets just hours after Emily, Navin, and their mother moved in.

It began with the worst night of her life. Emily and her parents were on their way to pick up her little brother, and they were late. The road was snowy, her dad was driving too fast, and on a curve, the car went out of control and over a cliff. That night Emily lost her father.

Two long years passed, and Emily's mother struggled to pay the bills and bring up her children alone. Finally, they moved to a small town, and the ancient mansion that had been in the family for generations. It was the home of Silas Charnon, who was Emily's and Navin's great grandfather. He was an inventor, a puzzle maker, and after his wife died, he locked himself in the house and was never seen again. No one knew if he was alive or dead.

Emily found his study, his portrait and his amulet, a stone threaded onto a cord like a necklace, a stone with incredible power. But not even the stone could save her mother when she was swallowed whole by a strange octopus-looking creature. For that, Emily must meet her great-grandfather, believe the message he has for her, believe in the powers of the amulet, and accept her destiny as the next stonekeeper.

The amulet has the power not only to save her mother, but also to turn back time, the power to give her what she desires most, a chance to shape her world, to go back to a happier time, a time when her life was whole, a time before the worst night of her life.

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