Rule 5: Never let your family move into a haunted house.

Allie Finkle is at war! She's at war with the idea of moving to a new house. Her family's old house is just fine. Her best friend lives just down the street, and she has the best teacher at her school. And school's already started. Moving after school starts is against the rules.

Allie may hate the idea of moving, but she loves rules. She likes science and math because they have rules. And she also makes up rules, so many that she can't always remember them, and has to write them down in her notebook, Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls. Some them are rules someone told her, like "What goes up, must come down," or "Treat your friends like you'd like to be treated." Other rules are ones she makes up herself, like "Never eat anything red," or "Little brothers and parents aren't very sensitive," or "Never put a cat in a suitcase." But the most important rule is "Never let your family move into a haunted house."

That rule is the reason why Allie's at war — but is it a war she has even any chance of winning? And what will she do if she loses?

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