Amy and Dan are "Down Under" to solve the mysteries of their parents' deaths.

Amy and Dan Cahill are in Sydney, Australia on a tangent from their search for the 39 Clues. Eight years ago their parents came to Australia with faked Australian passports to visit their father's best friend, a man Amy and Dan called Uncle Shep. They want to find out if he knows something about their parents' deaths.

But they end up learning about their parents from an unexpected source—Irina Spasky, a spy who works for the Kabras. Amy has gone to meet Ian Kabra because he told her her parents had been murdered, and said that if she will meet him alone, he'll tell her what he knows. But before Amy can get to the meeting place, she's stopped by Irina, who says she wants to save Amy and Dan from the Kabras. In order to outwit them, Amy must remember the most horrible night of her life, the night her parents died. If she remembers, she will know if the Kabras are lying to her and Dan. If she doesn't, she won't know, and if she believes a lie, she will doom not only herself and Dan but the entire world as well.

What did happen that night? Can she remember more than the brief flashes that she can see now, sights, sounds, smells, that give her only pieces of events? Can she put them together, and understand what they really mean? Maybe what was confusing to a seven-year-old could be clear to a fourteen-year-old. Can Amy use those seven years of experience to discover the truth about her parents' deaths?

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, author, consultant, librarian and internationally known booktalker.