From Unit Plan: Creating a PowerPointT Presentation 

I use these books to help students break the researching and reporting process into manageable steps.

The following books are available in the Teacher Store.

The Best Research Reports Ever by Lois Laase and Joan Clemmons
This book really does make research manageable. Check out the section on effective interviewing!

Easy Steps to Writing Fantastic Research Reports by Jean Dreher, Kathryn Davis, Priscilla Waynant, and Suzanne Clewell
Great mini-lessons, graphic organizers, and checklists for the 3rd- through 6th-grade teachers!

PowerPoint Made Very Easy! by Timothy Greene
I didn't think I could teach my 94 students how to create PowerPointT presentations, but they were so motivated by the integration of technology and reports, that they did a fantastic job and even taught me a few tricks about PowerPointT!

Oral Presentations Made Easy! by Paul B. Janeczko
Some students have it, and some students have to work at it. This resource will empower all of your students with the skills necessary to become effective presenters.