From Unit Plan: Clifford Learns About the Four Seasons and So Do We!

Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens: A Book About the Four Seasons by Louise W. Borden; illustrated by Lillian Hoban
I use this book as a springboard to graph different types of seasonal clothing.

A Busy Year by Leo Lionni
I enjoy reading this book to my students! They enjoy watching the mice tend to the tree throughout the year.

What Will The Weather Be Like Today? By Paul Rogers
This book shows how the weather helps us decide what to wear. My students make a book that shows the different types of clothing worn for each season. We use magazine pictures for this book.

How Do You Say It Today, Jesse Bear? By Nancy White Carlstrom
The Bear family celebrates each month of the year.

Chicken Soup With Rice By Maurice Sendak
This book has poems for each month. We present them as a play. Each child in our class memorizes their birthday month poem and recites it in costume.


For additional book recommendations, see Literature Connections K–2, 3–5
A page that highlights book lists devoted to special days and months throughout the school calendar year.