From Unit Plan: An Introduction to Nonfiction

These books together provide an excellent example of the variety of nonfiction, including notebooks and personal writing.

Professional Books

Reading With Meaning: Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades
by Debbie Miller

This book has endless amazing ideas about how to teach all reading comprehension skills. I love what Debbie Miller has done to make teaching reading for 1st and 2nd grade have so much meaning and importance-content beyond just knowing how to read.

Classroom Tip: I use this book all the time to help me plan and create comprehension lessons.

Significant Studies for Second Grade
by Karen Ruzzo and Mary Anne Sacco

This book has great reading and writing ideas to help teach meaningful and applicable lessons.  Ruzzo and Sacco offer real-life, inventive ways to teach units of study.

Classroom Tip: The brilliant ideas here are totally applicable and interesting to teach.

Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction: Grades 2-4
by Alice Boynton and Wiley Blevins

This is a collection of reproducible pages which help demonstrate the features found in nonfiction.

Books for Students

Great Nonfiction for Grades 2-3: 15 books

This is a diverse collection of nonfiction books for your classroom. 

Classroom Tip: All teachers should have a collection of nonfiction books that range in topic from animals to sports to history. This set is a great jump start to your collection.