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Books for Teaching Fire Safety

By Gayle Berthiaume



Teach about fire safety with some of these books from the Teacher Store.

A Day With Firefighters by Jan Kottke
This is an easy reader with predictable text that is a highly motivating book. Students love learning about firefighters! I use this book to introduce fire safety vocabulary. Then I put the book in the reading center for the students to read on their own or with a partner.

Clifford the Firehouse Dog by Norman Bridwell
Clifford the Firehouse Dog comes to the rescue! This is a favorite book in our classroom. We keep the Clifford theme and create Clifford-shaped book covers for our book about fire safety.

My Fire Engine by Michael Rex
Children learn fire tips and about firemen in this book designed for young children. I use this book to help students learn fire safety tips. The students can illustrate their own fire safety rule.

The following resources may be found in your school library.

Wildfires by Paul P. and Diane M. Sipiera
This non-fiction book thoroughly explains wildfires. I have a parent volunteer or high school student read this book to a small group of students who would like to learn more about wildfires.

Fire! Fire! by Gail Gibbons
Fire! Fire! Fire in the city, in the country, in the forest and on the water. This is a wonderful book explaining the roles of firefighters and dispatchers in various situations. This read-aloud book is a great discussion starter about fires and fire safety.

Fire Engine by Anne Rockwell
This is a fun book to learn about fire engines. This book could be used for young readers in the reading center.

Firefighters A to Z by Chris Demarest
The photographs in this alphabet book make learning about firefighters even more exciting. You can create your own classroom fire alphabet book using this book as a model.

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Elmo's Fire Safety Game


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